Mobile signal boost in 2 mins

Tired of network not available when inside your room? Now, the home made signal booster at your service.

Required Material
You would require a wire about 20 cm and a straw. Obviously, you will require a cell phone too.

Making the Antenna
Use one end of the wire around 5 cm from the end and wrap it around the straw. Make 5 round and then carefully remove the straw. Stretch the winding carefully so that the distance between the two wires is approximately 3 mm. On the other ennd of wire, remove the insulation for about 1 cm.

Connecting antenna in your cell phone
Open the back cover of the cell phone. You can see a small 1-2 mm round connector. For my Galaxy Note, it is just above the battery on the right side. Insert the strapped wire in this and close your back cover.

You can see an immediate boost in the signal strength.

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